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By the way, we changed our mind. DO NOT register of PureNoise™ ! Just use it! Enjoy!

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Yes, the PureNoise project is back!

Latest News: PureNoise 2.03 is the latest available gamma version. Please report any bugs in it. Last changes: January 24, 2006.


+ PureNoise timeout is set to 2009 (we are hoping to finish the next version by then ;)
+ PureNoise not coming back to life is finally fixed :D
+ long line input bug fixed
+ multiple lines sent by some IRC clients bug fixed
+ DCC problems - solved for mIRC only (for now) - DCC chat works; DCC send is being fixed;
+ 10 digit PING bug fixed
+ no more pinging encrypted channels :)
+ no more colours/control codes
+ "server flood protection" problem solved! copy/paste now as much as you want!
+ bnc problems solved
+ Unix users do not get killed by PureNoise garbage anymore


+ == for SECURE / OPEN channel confirmation
+ ECDH-512 replacing DH-3072 (see our CryptoLib)
+ Chaos-512 -> Twofish-256 -> Chaos-512 non-linear block chaining replacing the old RC6 + Invertion non-linear block chaining (see our CryptoLib)
+ IRCX support
+ /me -- cleartext action in encrypted channels
+ Quick Reference for the forgetful
+ multiple local IPs support


- MSN Messenger support is being added
- external socks/proxy support
- secure mode to be initiated in unencrypted DCC chat
- IRC2 support (channel + multiple nicks in commands)
- keys re-exchanged over a secure channel
- oversized lines get wrapped and transmitted, nothing gets lost (maybe)
- transparent PureNoise SOCKS
- configurable port/IP for the SOCKS server to listen on in addition to the default localhost:663
- configurable and translatable strings and messages

This version of PureNoise™ is not a crippled version and contains a fully functional code. Since the first released version it has been completely restructured and rewritten implementing the latest discoveries in cryptography and windows programming. The rest of the web site is under construction at the moment.

PureNoise™ 2.03 is about 60K in size, it takes less than 30 seconds to download, 1 minute to install, and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE. All donations, registrations and bug reports are humbly welcome and will dramatically speed up the development process.

1. Download a full working version of
PureNoise™ 2.03 here!

2. Save it and then Run it yourself or simply choose Open. It will install itself automatically into your windows directory.

3. Set your IRC client to use SOCKS 4 or SOCKS5 5 firewall on localhost or, port 663. Make sure DCC transfers are inititated through firewall. PureNoise™ 2.03 supports only IRC clients compatible with SOCKS firewalls. Unfortunately no IRC clients work with SOCKS firewalls absolutely correctly even if they support SOCKS 5. mIRC at least can transfer files to another mIRC even if both of them are behind firewalls.

4. Begin the first message to the channel or someone running PureNoise™ with === (three equal signs) to start chatting privately (only ONE side has to do it and only ONCE per session).

5. When you want to finish secure mode, begin a message with ### (three pound or hash signs) and the encryption keys will be destroyed immediately.

6. You can also send someone a key you generated for a channel sending them in SECURE private chat: ==#channel or ==&channel.

7. You can send an unencrypted message to a channel at any time beginning it with -- that is two minus or dash characters.

8. NOTES: PureNoise™ will not protect you from the things like viruses, harassment or hacking, but it will definitely eliminate eavesdropping as a possibility.

7. Known bugs:

Incompatible with previous versions of PureNoise™. Possible difficulties caused by a lack of privileges on Windows NT. Please feel free to send us your bug reports. They are a very valuable contribution to the success of PureNoise™.

That's all there is to it. Enjoy!

Registered Version

However, you may want to register your copy of PureNoise™ already to receive free updates, although it's not packed with tons of neat features just yet except for the Absolute Privacy it guarantees.

So even if you cannot afford to register, you can use it as long as you wish for free! There is just one small favor that we ask of you: Write a letter to us attaching all these Privacy Organizations as recipients telling them how much your privacy is important to you, why you need PureNoise™, how much you like it, and what you want to see in it. That's all. If that is too much of a trouble, don't bother. Just enjoy the product and complain about anything you're unhappy with!


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