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http://www.aaas.org The American Association for the Advancement of Science - The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, pronounced "Triple-A-S") is a nonprofit professional society dedicated to the advancement of scientific and technological excellence across all disciplines, and to the public's understanding of science and technology.
http://www.callforaction. org/cfa.htmls/abc.html The ABC's of Online Privacy
http://csrc.nist.gov/encry ption/aes/aes_home.htm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Development Effort
http://www.seven77.dem on.co.uk/aes.htm AES Algorithm Efficiency Test - by Brian Gladman.
http://www.cdt.org/cryp to/ Center for Democracy and Technology
http://www.computerpri vacy.org/ Americans for Computer Privacy
http://www.cpsr.org/ CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility - CPSR is a public-interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society.
http://cwis.kub.nl/~frw/p eople/koops/lawsurvy.htm Bert-Jaap Koops homepage - This is a survey of existing and proposed laws and regulations on cryptography - systems used for protecting information against unauthorized access.
http://jya.com/crypto.ht m Cryptome - A host of great links on crytography and privacy issues.
http://www.eff.org/ EFF - The Electronic Frontiers Foundation - Protecting Rights and Promoting Freedom in the Electronic Frontier.
http://www.efc.ca/ Electronic Frontier Canada (EFC) - was founded to ensure that the principles embodied in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms remain protected as new computing, communications, and information technologies are introduced into Canadian society.
http://www.gilc.org/ GILC - The Global Internet Liberty Campaign - was formed at the annual meeting of the Internet Society in Montreal. Members of the coalition include the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Human Rights Watch, the Internet Society, Privacy International, the Association des Utilisateurs d'Internet, and other civil liberties and human rights organizations.
http://www.privacy.org/i pc/ Internet Privacy Coalition - Promote privacy and security on the Internet through widespread public availability of strong encryption and the relaxation of export controls on cryptography.
http://www.l0pht.com/ L0pht - A bunch of hackers who got together and started working on projects together. One of the projects turned out to be L0pht.com. There are remnants of different groups that make up L0pht such as RDT, cDc, RL, etc.
http://www.efc.ca/pages /crypto/gilc-letter.20apr9 8.html Global Internet Libery Campaign - Organized by the Electronic Frontiers Foundation.
http://www.privacyallian ce.org/ The Online Privacy Alliance - is a diverse group of corporations and associations who have come together to introduce and promote business-wide actions that create an environment of trust and foster the protection of individuals' privacy online.
http://www.efa.org.au/O ther/Welcome.html Civil Liberties Organizations
http://www.privacy.org/ The Privacy Page
http://www.eskimo.com/ ~joelm/popcrypt.html Popular Crytography - The Journal of Internet Privacy
http://www.quintessenz.a t/freecrypto.html bust echelon - get free crypto! - echelon muss draussen bleiben
http://www.nsa.gov:8080 /museum/books.html Rare Book Collection Exhibit on Crytography
http://cwis.kub.nl/~frw/p eople/koops/cls-sum.htm Summary of international crypto controls - Bert-Jaap Koops homepage - Crypto Law Survey.
http://www.freecrypto.o rg/ FreeCrypto.org - Protect your right to privacy
http://www.counterpane. com/yarrow.html Yarrow - A secure pseudorandom number generator (PRNG).
http://www.dfc.org/ The Digital Future Coalition - With the start of the 106th Congress, a new crop of issues involving intellectual property and technology has sprouted. The DFC is involved with many of these issues.
http://www.freeexpressi on.org Free Expression Network
http://www.epic.org/pri vacy/privacy_resources_fa q.html EPIC Online Guide to Privacy Resources - EPIC stands for Electronic Privacy Information Center.
http://www.privacyrights .org/ Privacy Rights Clearing House - A California-based organization formed in 1992. The Clearinghouse has produced many fact sheets and an annual report, and maintains a toll free hotline to provide advice to consumers about their rights.
...Information superiority is the capability to collect, process, and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information while exploiting or denying an adversary's ability to do the same.

- From "Joint Vision 2010" NSA

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